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Instead of searching many manufacturer sites or calling on companies to find and compare designs, now you can search for designs based on the circuit’s performance using Digi-Key’s Reference Design Library.

The Reference Design Library was created in order to:

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  • Deliver ideas, fast
  • Sift through designs based on performance
  • Provide designs conveniently accompanied by their schematics

Visit often as new designs are being added weekly and improvements will be made based on your constructive feedback.

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STR-USBC-2PORT-100W-EVK: Automotive 2-Port USB Type-C Power Delivery Hub

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

The STR-USBC-2PORT-100W-EVK Automotive Charging System demonstrates ON Semiconductor's broad portfolio of USB-PD and Power Solutions, including the FUSB302 Type-C & PD Port Controller, the FUSB252 HV Protection Switch, and the NCV81599 4-switch buck-boost controller.

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NRF51-DONGLE: Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) & ANT/ANT+

Manufacturer: Nordic Semiconductor ASA

The nRF51 Dongle is a development tool for making Bluetooth® Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz applications using the nRF51 Series SoCs. It has a standard USB connector and can be plugged directly into a PC USB port. The nRF51 Dongle supports standard Nordic tool-chain software with Segger J-Link OB Program/ Debug and also ARM® mbed software. Additionally there is a user-programmable RGB LED and 6 solder pad…

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IRAUDAMP19: 100W x 2 @ 4Ω, 41 ~ 52V in, Class D

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

The IRAUDAMP19 reference design is a two-channel, 100W/ch (4Ω / 52V Bus voltage) half-bridge Class D audio power amplifier with single power supply. This reference design demonstrates how to use the IR4301 IC with single power supply, implement protection circuits, and design an optimum PCB layout using PowIRaudio integrated Class D IC. This reference design does not require additional heatsink or…

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