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Image of ROHM's LTR100L Series Resistor
LTR100L Series Resistor

ROHM's LTR100L thick-film shunt resistors offer current detection in motor control and overcurrent protection circuits for industrial and consumer applications.

AcceleRate Board-To-Board and Cable Systems
AcceleRate Board-To-Board and Cable Systems

samtec AcceleRate series provide an array of Board-to-Board & Cable-to-Board application solutions with high-performance, open-pin-field arrays, & more. Learn more about samtec’s AcceleRate series at Digi-Key today!

Image of Allegro MicroSystems' A31010 Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs
A31010 Linear Hall Effect Sensor ICs to Optimize Sensing Speed and Power Consumption

Allegro’s A31010 linear Hall effect sensor ICs optimize sensing speed and power consumption to provide maximum performance while taking up minimal board space.

PF-G/PF-J/PF-H Series Industrial High-Power POWrFuse™ Fuse Links - Bourns
Industrial High-Power POWrFuse™ Fuse Links - PF-G/PF-J/PF-H (Ind) Series

Bourns' three POWrFuse™ PF-G/PF-J/PF-H high-power fuse series are high-power rated and specially designed to meet the requirements of UL 284-14.

Image of CUI's VOF-C 450 W and 550 W AC/DC Power Supplies
VOF-450C/VOF-550C AC/DC Power Supplies

CUI's VOF-450C and VOF-550C series open-frame AC-DC power supplies come in a compact 3" x 5" chassis-mount package, ideal for industrial and ITE applications.

Image of ROHM's Automotive LDO Regulators
Automotive LDO Regulators

ROHM's BD9xxN1 series automotive LDO regulators are designed for a wide range of applications, including automotive primary power supply systems.

Image of Abracon Corporation's OnBoard Stamped Antennas
OnBoard Stamped Antennas

Abracon’s OnBoard stamped antennas support PIFA technology, can be placed under components, and are equipped with space-saving features.

Image of Abracon's Antennas for Consumer Electronics
Antennas for Consumer Electronics

Abracon’s antennas for consumer electronics offer compact chip, patch, flexible PCB, and external whip solutions for wireless communication protocols.

Image of Banner Engineering's R90C IO-Link Hub
R90C IO-Link Hub

Banner Engineering’s R90C IO-Link hub converts and consolidates signals into an IO-Link data stream compatible with other devices.

Image of Klein Tools' TI220 Thermal Imager for Android® Devices
TI220 Thermal Imager for Android® Devices

Klein Tools’ TI220 thermal imager for Android® devices helps verify systems and troubleshoot problems needing maintenance based on hot/cold spots.

Image of Codaca's CPQ Series Power Inductor
CPQ Series Power Inductor

Codaca's CPQ series power inductors are designed for high-efficiency power supplies that require high current and high inductance.

Image of Ohmite's HS Series Thermal Pads
HS Series Thermal Pads

Ohmite's HS series thermal pads help simplify the design and engineering process.

Image of Codaca's CPAG Series High-Current Power Inductors
CPAG Series High-Current Power Inductor

Codaca's CPAG series power inductor offer improved volume and high current that is ideal for bidirectional 48 V to12 V DC/DC converters.

Image of Codaca's CSEB-H Series Power Inductor
CSEB-H Series Power Inductor

Codaca's CSEB-H series power inductor is ideal for ADAS camera power supplies and other power supplies where high-current and a small profile are needed.

Image of Codaca's CPEX Series High-Current Power Inductor
CPEX Series High-Current Power Inductor

Codaca's CPEX series high-current power inductor is suitable for applications including high-efficiency power supplies, battery testing equipment, and more.