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Image of Arduino's Portenta H7
Portenta H7

Arduino’s Portenta H7 has a processor with dual-core STM32H747 that includes an Arm® Cortex®-M7 running at 480 MHz and a Cortex-M4 running at 240 MHz.

Image of Arduino's Nicla Sense ME
Nicla Sense ME

Arduino’s Nicla Sense ME with a 9DoF smart motion sensor and a 4DoF environmental sensor with AI capabilities is ideal for a wide range of IoT applications.

Image of TE Connectivity AMP's CPC Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assemblies
CPC Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assemblies

TE’s off-the-shelf (OTS) CPC cable assemblies are rugged, cost-effective products that can provide power input and output to and from virtually any device.

Image of Bulgin's 400 Series Power Connectors
400 Series Power Connectors

Bulgin's 400 series of power connectors, part of the Buccaneer family, are sealed to IP68 when mated and offer 2-12 pole options with a max rating of 8 A, 250 V.

Image of XP Power’s HPA1K5 Series AC-DC Programmable Power Supplies
HPA1K5 Series AC-DC Programmable Power Supplies

XP Power's HPA1K5 series single phase 1.5 kW AC-DC power supplies offer programmable constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operation.

Image of Littelfuse 's Thermally Protected Varistors – TMOV® and iTMOV® Series
Thermally Protected Varistors – TMOV® and iTMOV® Series

Littelfuse's TMOV® and iTMOV® series offer quick thermal response due to the close proximity of the integrated thermal element to the MOV body.

Image of LEMO’s F Series Aluminum Circular Push-Pull Connectors
F Series Aluminum Circular Push-Pull Connectors

LEMO's F series connectors provide a secure mechanical and electrical connection with an audible click when mated and offer multiple mechanical keying options.

Image of Arduino's Portenta Machine Control
Portenta Machine Control

Arduino’s Portenta machine control enables the collection of real-time data from the factory floor and supports the remote control of equipment.

Image of Carlo Gavazzi's PD30 Photoelectric Sensor Family with IO-Link
PD30 Photoelectric Sensor Family with IO-Link

Carlo Gavazzi's PD30 photoelectric sensor family with IO-Link offers four application functions pre-programmed into the sensors for design simplification.

Image of Arduino’s Edge Control Remote Monitoring
Edge Control Remote Monitoring

Arduino’s edge control board is suitable for precision farming, smart agriculture, and other applications requiring intelligent control in remote locations.

Image of Samtec's 2.00 mm mPOWER® Wire Cable Assemblies
2.00 mm mPOWER® Wire Cable Assemblies

Samtec's 2.00 mm mPOWER® ultra micro power discrete wire cable assembly and components can be added to new or existing architectures.

Image of Omron's D41 Series Safety Door Switches
D41 Series Safety Door Switches

Omron’s D41 series safety door switches with a hygienic design have smooth surfaces and no key-hole preventing water, food, and dust accumulation.

Image of Diodes' PI4IOE5V6416Q and PI4IOE5V6534Q IO Expanders
PI4IOE5V6416Q/PI4IOE5V6534Q I/O Expanders

Diodes’ PI4IOE5V6416 16-bit general purpose I/O expander provides remote I/O expansion for most microcontroller families via the I²C-bus interface.

Image of Banner Engineering's SmartSolutions Expansion Kits
SmartSolutions Expansion Kits

Banner Engineering's SmartSolutions expansion kits provides a platform for a comprehensive monitoring system for industrial applications.

Image of Samtec's Shielded Interconnects
Shielded Interconnects

Samtec's 360° shielded interconnects reduce EMI and are ideal for applications such as 5G networking, AI, industrial, and more.