Analog Devices Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform - New Product Introduction

Analog Devices has created an all-in-one MEMS-based Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform evaluation solution for Industrial Automation uses. The platform consists of a 3-axis ADXL356 accelerometer at the base of the mechanically mounted (¼-28 stud) module. Accelerometer output is converted to digital using three daisy-chained 16-bit AD7685 ADCs, whose output is then received by the ADuCM4050 microcontroller, and finally into the SmartMESH IP mote. The SmartMESH IP wirelessly connects to the user’s PC to provide data, including raw time-domain, FFT, and summary statistics. Customers can easily adapt the information with the available Python code of the PC GUI and C firmware. Extra modules can be added to the same wireless mesh network to provide a broadened monitoring solution.

The evaluation kit includes the SmartMesh IP Manager USB Dongle, Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform, Programming Board, and JTAG Cable. The programming board and JTAG cable are only needed for firmware upgrades.

To summarize, this platform provides:

  • Ultra-low power and low noise MEMS 3-axis accelerometer technology

  • SmartMESH wireless radio

  • Ability to add additional modules and expand monitoring

  • Quick mechanical attachment

  • Easy evaluation for vibration monitoring and industrial wireless sensing

  • And more

Digi-Key Part Number: 505-EV-CBM-VOYAGER3-1Z-ND

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