New Product Discoveries – Pokit Innovations Digital Multimeter and Digi’s Multi-Programmer

Today on “New Product Discoveries” I have the Pokit Digital Multimeter from Pokit Innovations, the world’s smallest digital multimeter, and the Multi-Programmer from Digi which can batch program up to six XBee and Xbee3 devices at the same time. Both products can help fill the void between prototype and production.

The Pokit Digital Multimeter has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet and a 6-month battery life. It can also measure resistance, continuity, ambient temperature, and perform diode checks. All of this data can be displayed in the Pokit App. The Pokit comes with 16 inch leads, two 2 A fuses, wire grip clips, the battery, a small protective carrying case, and an easy to use app. It’s a great tool for engineers in the field.

Next is the Multi-Programmer from Digi. This product accommodates all Digi XBee form factors with interchangeable header boards. While each programmer can program six XBee devices at the same time, you can have multiple Multi-Programmers run simultaneously to speed the programming process. Each programmer package comes complete with the programmer, USB cable, and power supply.

Both products come with everything you need to operate right out of the box, making your project that much easier.

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